Yellow Ferrucio Key
Basic Info
NPC: Alex the Locksmith
Level: 22
Part of: NPC Quests
Reward: Ferrucio's Yellow Key


  • Talk to Alex, the Locksmith at I-4 in Port of Coimbra
  • Agree to help him to activate this quest.
  • Travel to Tetra Catacombs (via warp portal to Tetra Hill).
  • Kill 100 Nevares and 100 Daemons throughout this area.
  • Go to Tetra Golden Road and kill 100 Visage Rouge
  • Return to Alex to obtain Ferrucio's Yellow Key.
    • You many now open any Yellow Chests that you find.

Related NPC QuestsEdit

  • Ferrucio's Blue Key
  • The Secret Dock
  • The Secret Export of Iron Ore
  • Stone Worship

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