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The Wizard Master can be found in the Master Room in any of the three major cities. He provides a variety of services to Wizards:

  • Skill Book Purchase
  • Character Promotion
  • Veteran Skill Book Purchase
  • Restore Ability Points

The same services are provided by the Wizard Master no matter which room you visit him in.

Below is a list of the Basic and Veteran Skill Books for sale, as well as their requirements.

Skill BooksEdit

Skill Book Description Class Level Equipment Price
Psychokinesis Psychokinesis A set of psychokinesis spell attacks. Wizard 1 1,200 Vis
ESP ESP A set of defensive mental spells. Wizard 20 Rod 2,200 Vis
TheIllusionist The Illusionist A set of mental curse spells. Wizard 36 Staff 4,000 Vis
Levitation Levitation A set of mental levitation spells. Wizard 60 20,000 Vis

Veteran Skill BooksEdit

Skill Book Description Required Item 1 Required Item 2
Incantation Incantation and Elite Stance of Mental Domination Book02 Rare Book of Magic 50 x Ionium Mega Ionium
Anathema Anathema an Elite Stance of Curses Book02 Rare Book of Magic 50 x Aidanium Mega Aidanium

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