Upgrading weapons and armor is a way to increase their effectiveness. Idge Imbrulia in Reboldeaux, Soho in The Port of Coimbra, and Vincent Rio in The City of Auch offer Upgrading services in exchange for Vis Vis. Every upgrade level increases ATK or DEF, and every upgrade level after +4 also increases ATK Rating or DEF Rating. Weapons receive a glowing effect at +5, the color of which changes with each subsequent upgrade.

Unfortunately, there is a catch to upgrading items, other than the Vis cost. Attempting higher level upgrades (starting at +5) comes with an increasing risk of breaking and losing the item for good. There are ways to improve your chances, and even remove the risk of breaking the item, but they require items that are bought from the Bazaar using Gold:

  • UpgradeAcc Upgrade Accelerators are used to increase the chance of successfully upgrading an item. "Stabilize" can only go up to 200%, doubling your Success Chance (see below). The number of Upgrade Accelerators needed to reach 200% Stabilize depends on the power of the equipment being upgraded.
  • Lacquer5 Lacquers prevent your item from breaking. Note that this does not guarantee the item will be upgraded. In fact, if upgrading a Lacquered item fails, the item is reset to +0 and returned to the player.
Level ATK/DEF Rating Glow Success Chance
+1 --- --- 100%
+2 --- --- 100%
+3 --- --- 100%
+4 --- --- 100%
+5 +1 Yellow 50%
+6 +2 White 25%
+7 +3 Red 12.5%
+8 +4  ??? 6.25%
+9 +5  ??? 3.125%
+10 +9  ??? 1.5625%

ATK and DEF Edit

The amount of basic ATK and DEF added to an item per upgrade is determined by the type of item being upgraded. For all armor (including Shields), the bonus is always +1 DEF per upgrade. For weapons, it can vary from +1 ATK to +5 ATK per upgrade.

per upgrade
Swords +3
Great Swords +5
Polearms +5
Pistols +4

Stabilize Edit

Stabilize is capped at 200%, only ever doubling the regular Success Chance. This means that upgrading with maximum Stabilize to +5 now has a 99% Success Chance (see below), +6 now has a 50%, +7 now has a 25%, etc. The number of Upgrade Accelerators required to reach 200% Stabilize depends on the ATK Rating and DEF Rating of the item you're upgrading; the higher the Rating, the more Upgrade Accelerators you'll need to use.

Additional Notes Edit

  • Upgrading to +5 using the maximum allowed Upgrade Accelerators (200% Stabilize) still has a 1% chance to fail. 200% (Stabilize) x 50% (Success Chance) = 100% least it should be 100%. It's actually 99% Success.

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