Uncover the Plot
Uncover the Plot
Basic Info
NPC: Sir Lyndon
Level: Recommended lv. 8
Part of: Pioneering Quests
Reward: 3 x Card01 EXP Card (1000 exp)

3 x Polish Polish: Initiate

Expert Item Set


  1. Quest automatically obtained once previous quest was completed
  2. Travel to Ferrucio Junction, and run to the center of the map, near the statue
  3. Find the three locations pictures below and walk around till you receive a dialogue box
  4. Click confirm and fight the instanced battles
  5. Once all three are complete, return to Lyndon for your reward


Sir Lyndon wants you to investigate the Ferrucio Statue, as it seems there is a plot to blow it up! You need to go and hunt around for quest items (which aren't visible on the game screen) and fight the bandits and conspirators which appear. Finding these items can be quite irritating after a while, so there are three images below which may help you.

Plotferrucio1 Plotferrucio2 Plotferrucio3
In the center of the statue To the side of his left foot Behind his right foot

The Expert Item set listed as a reward is one of each kind of weapon at a slightly higher level than the Queen's weapons you received at the beginning of the game.


Quest Deliver a Secret Document

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