Transference Report
Transference Report
Basic Info
NPC: Chateau
Level: 1
Part of: Tutorial Quests
Reward: 10 Potion healingampule Healing Ampules,
10 Potion beginnernutrition Beginners Nutrition,
10 Potion Mithridart Beginners Mithridart


1. Speak to Chateau

2. Speak to John

3. Speak to Charles and make a transaction

4. Speak to Norris

5. Form a team of Three characters

6. Return to Coimbra, and get reward from Norris

7. Speak to Nunez and go to Reboldeaux


After you have leave the St. Maria, you will be transported to a special version of the Port of Coimbra. There are arrows on the floor showing you the direction you should travel in, all you have to do is follow them and speak to NPCs along the way.

Begin by speaking to Chateau, who is directly in front of you. He will check over your papers and refer you to Nunez. Along the way you should participate in the tutorial quests to get a few free items.

Simultaneous QuestsEdit

  • Quest Help Tutorial
  • Quest In-Store Trade Tutorial
  • Quest Quarters Mode Tutorial

Help TutorialEdit

On your way to find Nunez, simply speak with John, the Tutorial Tip Soldier, and read some of the information he has for you. At the end you will receive a reward of 10 Potion healingampule Healing Ampules

In-Store Trade TutorialEdit

After speaking with John, move on to Charles, the Shop TRansaction Instructor, who will tell you a few things about trading in the game. Choose the option to try an actual transaction, and he will give you 50 Vis. Use this to purchase a bottle of rum, and you will receive your reward of 10 Potion beginnernutrition Beginners Nutrition.

Quarters Mode TutorialEdit

Moving on, speak with Norris the Quarters Guide, and choose the option to make a team of three now. He will transport you to your Quarters, where you can create two new characters. When you are done, choose to move on with your newly selected team of three by clicking each of them, adding them to the team and selecting "New Team". Speak to Norris again to receive 10 Potion Mithridart Beginners Mithridart.

Admiral Nunez's Calling (End Tutorial)Edit

You should now be ready to venture into the wide world by yourself. Speak to Nunez, and so long as the above quests have now been completed, choose to go to Reboldeaux.


Quest Begin Pioneering

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