The Tetra Ruins - Silkhat Huganoids
The Tetra Ruins - Silkhat Huganoids
Basic Info
NPC: Nunez
Level: 31
Part of: NPC Quests
Reward: 3 x Card01 EXP Card lv. 30

3 x Polish Polish: Disciple

InstallTrap Install Trap Stance Book


  • Speak to Nunez and select the Tetra Ruins Quest. Agree to help him
  • You will be teleported to an Instance. you need to defeat 5 of the Silkhat Huganoids which roam this area. They are all located in the first portion of the map
  • Return to Nunez for your reward


The Silkhat Huganoids hit hard, so be aware of their attacks. At level 30+ though, this quest should be relatively simple. Use the map to find the Huganoids, and defeat them.

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