The Suspicion of the Tetra Ruins
The Suspicion of the Tetra Ruins
Basic Info
NPC: Grace Bernelli
Level: 30
Part of: UPC Quests
Reward: 3 x Card01 EXP Card lv. 30

3 x Polish Polish: Novice


  • Talk to Bernelli and agree to help her
  • Travel to the Tetra Catacombs and go right to the end of the area, where you will find the door to Tetra Golden Road
  • Go through, and you will be teleported to an Instance
  • Defeat the Treasure Golem at the end of the map
  • Return to Bernelli for your reward


The Treasure Golem can hit pretty hard, but it isn't too hard to chip away at his HP. Just watchj out when he starts charging his AoE attack and get out of range quickly! The attack will inflict a lot of damage to your characters (unless you are overlevelled) and will cause confusion. If you are surrounded by other mobs this could be devastating.


Quest The Sorceress Cherlyn

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