Quest Series: Claude Baudez
Quest The Renowned Sword! Silver Baron
Quest Learning by Close Application! Claude Baudez
Quest Learning by Close Application! Claude Baudez II
PortoBello Hold
Porto Bello, The Hold
Level: 1
Type: UPC Quest
Found: A Weird Chest
Require: Level 58+
Reward: 1x Sabre004 The Silver Baron
3x Polish Polish: Disciple


1. Travel to Porto Bello, The Hold.

2. Fight your way through to J-4 to find "A Weird Chest" in the corner of an empty room.

3. Open the chest to receive a Pack01 Broken Silver Baron.

4. Talk to Claude Baudez in Reboldeaux. He will fix the broken blade for Sculpting Knives.

  • The quest is now active.

5. Travel to Port Bello, the Deck.

6. Fight Gavi di Gavi's throughout the zone for Pack01 Gavi di Gavi's Sculpting Knife.

7. Return to Claude Baudez in Reboldeaux.

Additional InfoEdit

You will not automatically receive this quest. This quest will only activate if you first open the chest then be sure your team is level 58+ before talking to Claude.

Updated June, 19, 2010

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