Quest Series: Idge Imbrulia
Quest An Old Armour
Quest Fanatic Mail
Quest The Lost Drawing
Quest Idge's Series
Quest Idge's Breast Plate
Level: 30
Type: UPC Quest
Found: Idge Imbrulia (NPC)
Require: Quest Fanatic Mail
Reward: 3x Card01 EXP Card (30)
3x Polish Polish: Disciple

Summary Edit

  1. Report to the Investigation Team in Reboldeaux (H7).
  2. Return to Idge Imbrulia.
  3. Talk to Detective Gertrude in City of Auch (F9). You will be taken to Reboldeaux.
    1. Talk to Idge, then walk behind her near the shop to find 'many footprints'.
    2. Talk to Claude, then defeat him.
    3. Talk to Claude once more and obtain (the key is behind Claude near the building) Template:Cottage Key.
    4. Talk to Item Merchant.
  4. Report to the Investigation Team again.
  5. Find "a rock" at Tetra Grand Corridor (J8).
    • Defeat the thieves behind the rock, then destroy the box.
  6. Return to Idge Imbrulia.

Walkthrough Edit

This quest is long-winded but pretty simple. The rock in Tetra Grand Corridor is just before the entrance to the Forgotten Area and looks like shown in the picture.

Dialogue Edit


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