The First Fleet (Tutorial)
The First Fleet (Tutorial)
Basic Info
NPC: Captain Ricardo
Level: 1
Part of: Tutorial Quests
Reward: 5 Potion healingampule Healing Ampules


1: Talk to Ricardo, and accept the tutorial

2: Talk to Najib Sharif

3: Return to Ricardo to claim your reward


When you first begin the game, you are asked to name your Family in the Barracks. Enter your family name and make your first character by clicking on the create character button. Choose the options and name you want, then click done. Select this character and click on “add to team”, now start out on the St. Maria by clicking on “New Team”.

When you begin to move a message will pop up welcoming you to the game. Take some time to get used to the controls, and then head over to Captain Ricardo; he wants to talk to you.

Advance the conversation by clicking the confirm button, and eventually he will give you an option to skip the tutorial or to help him out. If this is your first time playing I suggest you take the tutorial, as you will receive a few free items which may be beneficial to you in your first few hours of play.

Ricardo wants you to speak with Najib Sharif about some rum. Head up the stairs behind Ricardo and find Najib – he’s the one wearing a turban. Najib will tell you a few things about NPCs, and eventually give you a bottle of rum for Ricardo.

Return to Ricardo and speak with him to give him the rum. After a few sentences you will then be transported to Port of Coimbra (Tutorial). You will also receive 5 Potion healingampule Healing Ampules.


Quest Transference Report

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