Gigante Dock
Gigante Dock
Level: ??
Type: UPC Quest
Found: Soso
Reward: 1x Card01 Soso Character Card
3x Polish Polish: Initiate

Summary Edit

  1. Fight and defeat Soso.
  2. Give 25x Mysterious Powder Mysterious Powders to her.

Dialogue Edit

Missing dialogue up to this point.

Soso: If you give me 50 Mysterious Powders I will join the (Name) Family.

>Of course! Soso, you'll be a great addition to our family. (Need 50 Mysterious Powders)

Soso: Thank you. The (Name) Family is a very rich family. It seems like you'll never starve. If you have any pioneering activities in the New World, be sure to call me.

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