Quest Series: Catherine
Quest Humans Need Food, Robots Need Otite!
Quest A Power Storage Device for Kamen
Quest A Mysterious Crimson Ribbon
Quest The Alchemist Torsche
Quest Catherine's Spine
Quest Open Your Eyes, Catherine
Quest It Is Best to Prepare for a Rainy Day
Quest A Plan to Revive Catherine!
Quest A Heart for Catherine!
Dr. Torsche's Mansion, Grand Library
Level: 62+ (due to clustered mobs)
Type: UPC "Catherine" Quest
Found: Click on the door at F-4
Require: "A Mysterious Crimson Ribbon" completion
Reward: Access inside the labratory where Dr. Torsche stands

Walkthrough Edit

1. Return (or warp) to the Mansion's Grand Library.

2. Locate the door at F-4. Click on it to be teleported instantly to the center of a battle-room.

3. Survive inside this room for five minutes to win. Hitting the boxes/casks are optional but not necessary.

4. You will reappear in the Labratory. Ahead, at the end of the hall, talk to Dr. Torsche.

5. Choose the option "Does this ribbon look familiar to you".

Next Quest: "Catherine's Spine"

Dialogue Edit

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