Sympathy for Dios Lantem
Sympathy for Dios Lantem
Basic Info
NPC: Andre Janzur
Level: 20
Part of: UPC Quests
Reward: 3 x Card01 EXP Card (3240 exp)

3 x Polish Polish: Initiate


Note: It is highly recommended all family members be at least level 28.

1. Talk to Andre to get this quest.

2. Travel to Al Quelt Moreza, Arcade.

3. Locate Dilos Lantemn's tomb at the alter (G-5). You will be teleported to another area.

  • Upon entering you will see Dilos Lantemn--he is not your enemy but a ally in this battle. If you are weak assist him in killing the monsters, otherwise feel free to run ahead and kill what you can.

4. Destroy the heavily guarded mirrored portals (red boxes on the map marks the spot).

5. Once the quest is complete, you will be teleported back to Reboldeaux. Return to Andre.



Quest Andre in Despair

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