Sworn Guardian of Reboldeaux
Sworn Guardian of Reboldeaux
Basic Info
NPC: Claude Baudez
Level: 10
Part of: UPC Quests
Reward: Guard High High-Guard Book

3 x Polish Polish: Initiate


  1. Speak to Claude and agree to help him
  2. You will be teleported to an instance
  3. Protect the Blue Home from the monsters until the timer runs out
  4. Claim your reward from Claude


Stay with Claude until he runs off. At this point you will be safe enough to go the opposite side of the map as him and defend that entrance from the monsters. The enemies range from lvl 7 to lvl 9. Overpower yourself beforehand if you're not sure you can handle it, but the enemies don't come in very large waves so defeating them is not too difficult.


Quest Claude Baudez Training

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