Quest Giver Najib Sharif
Min. Level 50
Requires  ???
Rewards 3x Card01 EXP Card (50)
3x Polish Polish: Disciple

Step 1: Geranium Pigment, Hydrangea Pigment, Chrysanthemum Pigment Edit

Najib has a client that wishes to have four pigments collected for him. These pigments can be found in the flowers atop the special Dandelion Gorillas' heads in Thueringenwald; regular Dandelion Gorillas do not drop Pigments.

Gather 20 each of the Pack01 Geranium Pigments, Pack01 Hydrangea Pigments and Pack01 Chrysanthemum Pigments.

Step 2: Sunflower Pigment Edit

Take the Pigments to the Stone in the middle of the forest to locate the final pigment. It will transport you to a special zone where you can find Sunflower Dandelion Gorillas and their Pack01 Sunflower Pigment (only 1 is needed).

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