Stonepit Tent
Stonepit Tent
Basic Info
NPC: Angie Shirley (NPC)
Level: 1

Recommended: lvl. 19

Part of: UPC Quests
Reward: 3 x Polish Polish: Initiate


  • Talk to Angie and agree to help her
  • Go to King's Garden and hunt Lazim-Iams until you collect 50 Red Wings (Quest Item)
  • Return to Angie to collect your reward


As the Lazim-Iams are a static monster, it can take a long time to hunt 50 wings. If you run in a circle around Kings Garden however, it can speed things up. Follow the path marked on the map and kill every Lazim-Iam you come across, including the Elite Spawns (or else the lower levels won't respawn as quickly) and the quest should be much quicker to complete.


Quest Pocket Picked Angie

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