Status Effects come in various forms and can be beneficial, hurtful, or both.

Positive Status Effects Edit

Name Source
Effect Family Family's Protection Permanent
Effect Orb Fortification Orb of Fortification Monster Loot
Effect Orb Haste Orb of Haste Monster Loot
Effect Orb Intensity Orb of Intensity Monster Loot
Effect Orb Resistance Orb of Resistance Monster Loot
Effect Concentrate Concentrate Innate Skill
Effect Accelerando Accelerando Bard Bard
Effect Insistendo Insistendo Bard Bard
Effect Meditativo Meditativo Bard Bard
Effect Westraid Westraid Shot Freestyle Freestyle Shot
Shot DoubleGun Double-Gun Shot
Effect Dagger Venenosa Dagger Venenosa DaggerVenenosa Dagger Venenosa
Effect Manual Combat Combat Manual Template:Combat Manual
Effect Manual Survival Drop Manual Book01 Survival Manual
Effect FAPass Forgotten Area Pass Coupon005 Forgotten Area Pass

Negative Status Effects Edit

Name Effect
Effect Fear Fear Cannot attack or use skills.
Effect Poison Poison ATK lowered by 50%, Maximum HP lowered by 25%.
Effect Ritardi Ritardi ATK Speed and Move Speed reduced.
Effect Sleep Sleep Immobilized. Evasion and Block drop to 0. Cancelled by damage.
Effect Stun Stun Immobilized. Evasion and Block drop to 0.
Effect Web Web Grounds flying targets.

Monster Only Edit

Name Effect
Effect CombatMove Combat Movement Movement Speed increases during combat.

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