• There is no statistic for raising SP or SP Regeneration.
  • Data may be incorrect as the game continues to update.

(STR) Strength Edit

  • Primary attribute for increasing melee-based ATK, secondary being Agility. (1 STR = 2 AGI for ATK)

(AGI) Agility Edit

  • Secondary attribute for increasing melee-based ATK and gun-based ATK. (2 AGI = 1 STR/DEX for ATK)
  • Only increases ATK at 6 and up.
  • Increases attack speed, evasion, and block.
  • Does not affect movement speed, animation speed, or casting speed.

(CON) Constitution Edit

  • Increases maximum hit points.
  • Reduces chance to be knocked down by standard attacks.
  • Does not reduce the chance to be knocked down by skills that specifically cause it. (Ex: ExecutionShooter Execution Shooter)

(DEX) Dexterity Edit

  • Primary attribute for increasing gun-based ATK, secondary being Agility. (1 DEX = 2 AGI for ATK)
  • Increases critical rate and accuracy for all attacks.
  • Equally improves Healing skills with Intelligence.

(INT) Intelligence Edit

  • Only attribute for increasing magic-based ATK.
  • Increases magic resistance.
  • Equally improves Healing skills with Dexterity.

(CHA) Charm Edit

External Links Edit

See also: Character or Classes

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