Spiritual Shield
Grants psychokinetic protection to allies.
Stance ESP ESP
Type AoE Buff
Range Self
Target All allies within 12m
Delay ~1.5 seconds
Uses 60 SP
Rank 8 Duration:
Mental RES:
Sonic RES:
Rank 9 Duration:
Mental RES:
Sonic RES:
Rank 10 Duration:
Mental RES:
Sonic RES:
Rank 11 Duration:
Mental RES:
Sonic RES:
Rank 12 Duration:
Mental RES:
Sonic RES:

Notes Edit

  • The skill's effect has been mistranslated, Spiritual Shield increases your Mental Resistance and Sonic Resistance, not Elemental Resistance and Mental Resistance as listed in game. Furthermore, the amount of Sonic Resistance seems to be modified by Int, giving characters with more than 5 INT more resistance than the listed amount, and less for those below 5 INT. The same is not true for Mental Resistance (listed as Elemental Resistance).

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