Bracelets of the Elemental Lord Edit

This Bracelet can only be worn in the Main Hand, and cannot be dual-wielded with other Bracelets. When equipped, it allows use of the following stances:

Skullic Bracers Edit

Skullic Bracers are worn in the off-hand with any other bracelets except Bracelets of the Elemental Lord. All elemental stances can be used with a Skullic Bracer equipped (Possession, Evocation, and Domination). The purpose of these weapons are two-fold:

  • Easier weapon swapping. You only have to change your Main Hand weapon to go from, say, Fire stances to Lightning stances.
  • Less equipment management. You no longer have to upgrade/socket/enchant two bracelets for each element. Just modify one elemental bracelet and a Skullic Bracer.

Classes Edit

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