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Potion Filler002
Helps Enchantment Chips work when Enchanting.
Type  ???
Found Beverly, the Alchemist
Trade ???
Vendor Vis 500

Crafting Edit

Amount Used To Craft Level Type
5 Emerald02 Piece of Emerald --- Material
10 Emerald03 Emerald --- Material
20 Emerald04 High Quality Emerald --- Material
50 Craft Siren's Scale --- Material
5 Ruby02 Piece of Ruby --- Material
10 Ruby03 Ruby --- Material
20 Ruby04 High Quality Ruby --- Material
50 Craft Archangel's Heart --- Material
5 Sapphire02 Piece of Sapphire --- Material
10 Sapphire03 Sapphire --- Material
20 Sapphire04 High Quality Sapphire --- Material
50 Craft Seeds of Rafflesia --- Material

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