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Siegmund as seen in Al Quelt Moreza, Parsonage

The Siegmund spawns in many dungeons throughout the New World. Its appearance changes depending on the location, but its function always remains the same.

Area VouchersEdit

Each time you kill a Siegmund, it will drop a numbered Area Voucher. The number will depend on which room the Siegmund spawned in. By collecting these vouchers, you can turn them in at the start of the dungeon for random rewards, ranging from Card01 EXP Cards to Random Rings, or Keys to the last room in the dungeon.


The Siegmund is usually of a slightly higher level than the other monsters in the dungeon. Many of them have abilities to instill Fear into your characters, or Knockdown skills, rendering them useless for a time. As such, it is important if you are of a lower level to be aware when their Area of Effect attack starts charging, and move away from their range so that you can continue attacking them.

Even if you are of a higher level, it is wise to hit the Siegmund with a few powerful single-target skills such as Head Shot Head Shot or Flame Ground Flame Ground, in order to speed up the killing process, and minimise risk to your characters.

Known Skills:


  • It is considered the highest of bad manners to AFK Level next to a Siegmund spawn in Granado Espada. Players often go hunting for these monsters and what starts off as a simple, straightforward run can be complicated and turned into the most frustrating task when another player is sitting on the Siegmund and unwittingly claiming vouchers needlessly. It is much preferred that if you must afk in a dungeon, that you do so in a room or corridor where a Siegmund does not spawn.
  • It is possible for a Siegmund in a room to drop a voucher which it shouldn't. This usually happens because another player has run through the dungeon, pulling the Siegmund behind them. Each of the area entries for the dungeons have maps showing which rooms hold Siegmund spawns and which voucher they should drop.


The Siegmund usually takes the physical form of an elite monster in that dungeon. In Al Quelt Moreza, Parsonage, it is a Zealot, in Tetra Catacombs it is a Daemon. They differ though in that they have a purple aura and are coloured differently. You cant miss them!

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