Roseanne, the Maid

Quests Edit

Quest Level
Quest Otite Key  ??
Quest Humans Need Food, Robots Need Otite!  ??
Quest A Power Storage Device for Kamen  ??

Services Edit

Roseanne will give you the following equipment in exchange for various items found in Dr. Torsche's Mansion:

Caution: You are only allowed to make each item once.

Equipment Type Requests
Robe012 Torsche Dress Robe 30x Otite Otite Pieces
100x Patch Dress A Patch of Dress
Coat009 A Maid Uniform Coat 60x Otite Otite Pieces
100x Patch MaidUniform A Patch of Maid Uniform
HatWizard007 A Maid's Head Band Hat 60x Otite Otite Pieces
25x Patch MaidUniform A Patch of Maid Uniform
Rod Broom A Magic Broom Rod 30x Otite Otite Pieces
1x Polearm Broom Broom

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