Rings serve only one purpose in this game: to increase Skill Levels. Every ring you find will increase the level of a specific skill by +1, and because there are two ring slots, it's possible to get +2, increasing a Skill beyond it's maximum level of 10. There are bonuses to increasing a Skill past it's maximum level. For instance, the Bard Bard skill, Insistendo Insistendo, normally increases ATK by up to 15%, but at levels 11 and 12, it also increases ATK Rating.

Because of the simplicity of Rings in this game, making a List of them is rather silly. There's one for every skill in the game, and it only increases it by +1. The one benefit to making a list, however, would be seeing the Level restrictions of each skill ring.

Acquiring Edit

Rings are dropped through all levels of the game, but the Skill it comes with determines what level you'll find it at. High level skills from powerful Stances likely won't be seen until later levels. Rings are also tradeable, so finding them on the Market is also an option. Then there's also the Ring Boxes you can buy from the Premium Item Merchant, which drop random rings.

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