Revenge on Yeganeh
Revenge on Yeganeh
Basic Info
NPC: Andrew the Elder
Level: 20
Part of: UPC Quests
Reward: 6 x Card01 EXP Card 7840 exp

3 x Polish Polish: Novice

Yeganeh's Great Sword


  • Speak to Andrew the Elder, standing by the docks in Port Coimbra. Agree to help him
  • Return to Reboldeaux, and speak to Yeganeh the Carpenter
  • Challenge him, and you will be teleported to an instance
  • Defeat Yeganeh, and speak to him afterwards to obtain his sword and 3 EXP Cards
  • Return to Port of Coimbra and speak with Andrew again to obtain 3 more EXP Cards


This fight shows as Recommended level 25, but it is very doable at level 20. Take knockdown skills if you have them, otherwise just hit Yeganeh with all you've got. Consider buffing yourself with Potion Mithridart Mithridart etc whilst he's speaking to give you the upper hand.


Quest Construction Equipment

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