Basic Info
Type: City
Part of: none
Yellowmapicon Queen's Gate

Yellowmapicon Grand Hall, East

Yellowmapicon Grand Hall, West

Orangemapicon Royalist Embassy

Orangemapicon Reboldeaux Employment Office

Orangemapicon Reboldeaux Master Room

Orangemapicon Reboldeaux Office of Pioneering Support


From gangs of fresh pioneers to the swarms of screaming Andre Janzur fanatics, something new can always be found in Reboldeaux. For new players, Reboldeaux offers an ideal starting town. The neighbouring maps offer low level monsters to level up on, and the NPCs here and in surrounding areas offer quests and equipment appropriate for newer characters.

Game LoreEdit

Reboldeaux was the second city to be built in the New World. Its initial purpose was to encourage the growth of a vibrant pioneering centre. Most of the world’s administration business is conducted here, mostly because the Office of Pioneering Support is located here.


Map Reboldeaux

Map of Reboldeaux with legend

Merchants & CraftersEdit

The table below displays immediate information about each crafter and merchant in Reboldeaux. For more detailed information about the items they stock and what they are able to craft, see their respective NPC pages.

All Weapons and Armor stocked by Reboldeaux Merchants ranges from level 1 to level 36.

NPC Location Services
Andre Janzur D8 Costume & Armor Crafting, Pose Guides
Idge Imbrulia E7 Armor Crafting, Item Upgrades
Najib Sharif D7 Gun & Armor Merchant
Magic Tool Merchant E6 Magical Orbs, Weapons & Armor
Claude Baudez D6 Blunt Weapon Crafting, Weapon & Armor Merchant
Deon, The Smith E6 Mineral & Metal Item Crafting, Recipe Merchant
Puffin, The Tool Merchant D6 General Item Merchant
Bullet Charger D6 Refresh Bullet Supply

Other NPCsEdit

NPC Location Services
Leticia, Cash Item Merchant G7 Buying premium items for Gold
Waypoint G7 Travel to several locations for a fee
Leonardo Express G7 Item Vault, Warp Slot increase
Jeannie, Market Manager F8 Player Trading
Pioneer Support Soldier E11 Receipt of Pioneer's Equipment
PvP Officer F4 Initiation of PvP Battles


See Reboldeaux Quests

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