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Ranged Weapon

In Sword of the New World, and may online games, the term "Ranged Weapon" is used to refer to weapons which can attack from a distance. These weapons include Rifles, Pistols, Shotguns and Cannons.


Rifle Stances can be used from level 1, and so most players who have used a Stock Musketeer will be familiar with their usage.


Stance Level
Shot Standing Standing Shot 1
Shot Kneeling Kneeling Shot 24


  • They have a slightly larger Range than Pistols, meaning that characters will find it easier to stay out of Boss AoE skills, or at least theyll have less distance to run to avoid them.
  • Rifles also have a higher damage output than Pistols. It is much easier to one-hit-kill a monster using a Rifle, especially in early gameplay. Their attacks are not weakened by any sort of armour, and they will penetrate a medium armor (eg Leather Armor) most efficiently.


  • There are only two stances for Rifles, Shot Standing Standing Shot and Shot Kneeling Kneeling Shot. The latter is rather useless in most siatuations as it renders the character completely immobile whilst attacking. You have to change stances just to move to another part of the map, which eats up time and gives mobs more of a chance to attack you. Shot Standing Standing Shot is however a solid stance, with useful skills.
  • Attack Speed is quite low in comparison to Pistols, and being a two handed weapon there is no room for any other weapon to be equipped.


Pistols can be used from level 24, and with the right requirements fulfilled, a character can equip two at the same time.


Stance Level
Shot Aiming Aiming Shot 24
Shot Freestyle Freestyle Shot 24
Shot DoubleGun Double-Gun Shot 36


  • Pistols have a higher Attack Speed than other guns, meaning more potential damage per second.
  • Pistols are a one-handed weapon, so they can be equipped with swords (such as the HeavenandHell Heaven and Hell stance) or one in each hand.


  • Lower Attack rating and lower accuracy means that stance bonuses have to make up for the loss to damage output.


Shotguns are a weapon exclusive to certain UPCs such as Grace Bernelli (UPC) and Lorch Feurholden (UPC). They are capable of damaging, and killing, more than one enemy with every shot.


Stance Level
Blaster Shotgun Shotgun Blaster 48
Blaster Gigantic Gigantic Blaster Veteran


  • Shotguns will hit more than one enemy with every shot taken, often you will see enemies blown away four or five at a time. This drastically improves the potential damage per second.
  • Attack speed is slightly higher than a Rifle, but not as high as Pistols. Again this improved potential damage per second.


  • Lower accuracy than a Rifle.
  • Ammo Shotgun Buckshots are one of the more expensive bullets to restock, but that isn't much of an issue in later gameplay.

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