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There are many different kinds of quests and missions throughout Sword of the New World, acquired from NPCs and Monuments throughout the different explorable areas and towns you'll visit during your travels.

Note: unlike some MMOs where you have to repeat quests every time you make a new character, in SotNW the storyline quests are NOT repeated.

Tutorial QuestsEdit

When you first begin playing, you will start off on the Sta Maria, and have the opportunity to take a few tutorial quests. These teach you about a few of the basic mechanics of the game.

List of Tutorial Quests

Pioneering QuestsEdit

These quests form the main storyline of the game, and they stand apart from other quests in that they reward you with, amongst other things, Polishers, which you can in turn exchange for useful equipment with the Pioneering Support Soldiers. This storyline starts off in Reboldeaux's Office of Pioneering Support.

List of Pioneering Quests

NPC QuestsEdit

Most Quests are acquired from NPCs in towns and they will reward you with EXP Cards, special items and possibly Vis. Quests given by NPCs can normally only be accomplished once on that server, so starting with a new set of characters from the same family will not make it available again.

List of NPC Quests

Character Card (UPC) QuestsEdit

Certain NPCs throughout the world are looking for a family to join. If you complete their quests, they may offer you their Character Card, so that you can add them to your own family.

List of UPC Quests

Pioneering MonumentsEdit

In explorable areas where monsters roam, you'll come across Pioneering Monuments that have quests available to you. These quests are simple, and only require you to kill a specific monster a certain number of times (The game will keep count on screen for you), rewarding you with more EXP Cards when you re-visit the monument. Since you'll find yourself killing plenty of monsters repeatedly, it's fortunate that some of these quests are repeatable.


Missions are special types of Quests that are similar to those given by Pioneering Monuments. By talking to your local town Expeditionary Forces, you can acquire kill quests for unique boss monsters, or just regular monsters (but in greater quantities). The rewards for completing Missions typically consist of Family Reputation points as well as an Amber for the type of monster killed.

Mission LobbiesEdit

Mission Lobbies are started by using the Mission Lobby items that randomly drop throughout Granado Espada. These quests are meant to be completed with multiple players; some even require it for completion. The rewards for finishing a Lobby appear as treasure chests upon completion of the objectives.

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