Quest Series: Baek Ho
Quest Fight with Baek Ho
Quest Martial artist of the East
Quest Question about Fritz 1
Quest Question about Fritz 2
Quest Question about Fritz 3
Quest Question about Fritz 4
Quest Combat against Baek Ho
Port of Coimbra
Level: ???
Type: UPC Quest
Found: Irawain (NPC)
Require: Quest Question about Fritz 3
Reward: None

Summary Edit

  1. Speak with Gracielo, found in Port of Coimbra.

Dialogue Edit

Gracielo heard the stories about Baek Ho.

Gracielo: Uh what? Who do you think you are to talk about master Fritz like that?!? I'm going to teach him a lesson.

>Go to Baek Ho.

Gracielo: I'll get rid of him with the speed of wind in the air! Ah! I'm just so great, aren't I? Ahahaha!

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