Quest Series: Baek Ho
Quest Fight with Baek Ho
Quest Martial artist of the East
Quest Question about Fritz 1
Quest Question about Fritz 2
Quest Question about Fritz 3
Quest Question about Fritz 4
Quest Combat against Baek Ho
City of Auch
Level: ???
Type: UPC Quest
Found: Baek Ho (NPC)
Require: Quest Martial artist of the East
Reward: None

Summary Edit

  1. Speak with Detective Gertrude, found in City of Auch.

Dialogue Edit

Gertrude has heard the stories about Baek Ho.

Gertrude: Hmmm.. I don't really know where Fritz is right now, but that young man from the East probably met with the fake Fritz. I would think 'Soso' from Gigante Dock truly knows where he is. Why don't you go ask her?

>Go to Soso.

Gertrude: I'm sure you'll gain some vital information. But, I'd like to fight that kid just once.

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