Puffin the Tool Merchant can be found near the other vendors in Reboldeaux. She sells a variety of potions, bullets and other miscellaneous items.

Items for SaleEdit

Item Price
Potion healingampule Healing Ampule 30 Vis
Potion Health002 Healing Potion 150 Vis
Potion Soul001 Soul Potion 120 Vis
Potion Mithridart Mithridart 100 Vis
Potion Painkiller Painkiller 120 Vis
Potion Analeptic Remedy Analeptic Remedy 120 Vis
Potion Nutrition Nutrition 150 Vis
Potion Antidote Antidote 20 Vis
Potion Resurrection Resurrection Potion 800 Vis
Box of 100 Ammo Rifle Rifle Bullets 25 Vis
Box of 150 Ammo Pistol Pistol Bullets 32 Vis
Box of 50 Ammo Shotgun Buckshot 20 Vis
Box of 4 Template:Cannon Shells 10 Vis
Box05 Toolset Box 60 Vis
Orb002 Magical Orb 25 Vis
Orb001 Elemental Orb 25 Vis
Template:Megaphone 500 Vis
Template:Microphone 2000 Vis
Template:Low Level Valkyrie Crasher 200,000 Vis
Template:Mid Level Valkyrie Crasher 800,000 Vis
Template:High Level Valkyrie Crasher 1,600,000 Vis
Template:Firecracker 100 Vis
Pack01 Silver Bar 50,000 Vis
Bar White White Gold Bar 1,000,000 Vis
ElementJewel Elemental Jewel 10,000,000 Vis

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