Quest Giver Panfilo de Narvaez
Min. Level 50
Requires Quest Taste of the Homeland
Andre Janzur Quest
Rewards Card01 Panfilo de Narvaez Character Card
Polish Polish: Disciple x3

Step 1: No more than 3 cows can die Edit

The local cattle ranch is being attacked by packs of Gray Wolves, and Panfilo needs his beef, so he wants you to head out and keep them safe. Accepting the quest will automatically take you to the ranch, right in the middle of a large pack of cows. The Gray Wolves, which are level 50, will attack from all three directions, with the herd separating more and more as they go out to fight the wolves.

If your team is a couple of levels higher than the wolves, the easiest strategy is to have each one cover all three directions the wolves approach from, then set them all to Defend Mode.

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