Interface TreasureChest

Premium Treasure Chest

The Premium Treasure Chest increases the size of your Family Storehouse (not personal inventory) by 200, and also acts as a daily random goody bag. To gain access to this Chest, purchase the Medal Premium Treasure Chest Service (30 day) from the Bazaar. Note that the Premium Treasure Chest can be opened from either the Bazaar button at the top of the screen, or by double-clicking the item from your Premium Item Inventory.

A Few Notes:

  • Will automatically open when you first log in each day, so you don't forget.
  • Cannot be accessed outside of a city.
  • Only the 3 People Challenge can increase your uses for the day. Skipping a day will not add to your uses for the following day!

Daily Treasure Chest Edit

Interface TreasureChest Daily

Daily Treasure Chest

The Daily Treasure Chest lists either one or multiple items, allowing you some choice over what you receive for the day. You can select "Daily Treasure Chest" without using up your Uses to see what is available. If nothing looks interesting, simply close out the window and re-access the Premium Treasure Chest.

  • You must first select an item before hitting "Receive Item", even if there is only one option. Otherwise, the window will simply close (this won't use up a Use).
  • The items listed are set for the day. Closing and re-opening the Daily Treasure Chest will not change them, nor will multiple Uses from winning the 3 People Challenge.

Mysterious Treasure Chest Edit

The Mysterious Treasure Chest gives you one random item. You cannot preview what this item might be - the moment you select "Mysterious Treasure Chest", the item is given and you lose one of your Uses. This is a good option if nothing in the Daily Treasure Chest looks appealing.

  • These items are not set for the day, and each use of it will probably give you something different.

3 People Challenge Edit

This option will bring up the Rock-Paper-Scissor mini-game, giving you a chance to increase the number of Uses for the Day. The 3 People Challenge can only be attempted once per day, regardless of how many Premium Treasure Chest Uses you have remaining.

Rock-Paper-Scissor Edit

This mini-game pits you against Letisha and the Market Manager in a single round of Rock-Paper-Scissors. Simply choose one of the three choices: Rock, Paper, or Scissors.

Caution: The options are currently bugged. The game works correctly, but the three choices are mislabeled, which may be confusing. For example, selecting "Paper" is actually selecting "Scissors".

NPC NPC Result
Win Win Win: 2
Win Tie Win: 1
Win Lose Tie
Tie Tie Tie
Tie Lose Lose
Lose Lose Lose
  • Win: Increases Premium Treasure Chest uses for the day by X.
  • Tie: Nothing happens. Keep your one use for the day.
  • Lose: Receive 1x SoulCrystal Soul Crystal, lose your one use for the day.

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