A set of ice spells for beginner and intermediate users
Type Ranged (Ice Magic)
Level Start
Taught ???
Main Hand BraceletI002 Bracelets of Ice
BraceletS001 Bracelets of the Elemental Lord
Off Hand BraceletI002 Bracelets of Ice¹
BraceletS001 Skullic Bracers¹
Ice RES:
Lightning RES:
SP Regen: +5
Lvl Skill Points
1 Freezing Spear Freezing Spear  ?
4 Chilling Touch Chilling Touch  ?
8 Frosty Cloud Frost Cloud  ?
16 Deluge Deluge  ?

¹This equipment is optional.

Classes Edit

Notes Edit

  • Elementalists can use this stance with no weapons equipped.
  • Equipping an off hand bracelet is not necessary, but makes switching between Ice Stances easier.

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