Combat TacticsEdit


When in combat, you can single out a target by clicking on them to attack only them, or you can select one of three combat modes.

Defend modeEdit

The most popular of these modes is defend mode. Under this mode, your characters will actively attack any nearby enemies, and your scouts will automatically heal the injured characters in your party.

  • Characters will sometimes move away from your party's leader in this mode, especially melee characters like fighters. This can be quite treacherous if you go AFK

Hold ModeEdit

Similar to defend mode, but this time the character's movement is much more restricted. They will only attack approaching enemies.

  • Note: It is still possible for a fighter to go off on their own after a period of time to hunt for enemies, even in hold mode.

Assault ModeEdit

A way of moving to another area, and killing all the monsters en-route. Beware that any non-attacking members of the party, such as Healing scouts, will move to the destination without stopping, whilst your attackers will stop at every nearby monster to defeat them.

Monsters & MobsEdit

Many monsters have slightly different behaviours in groups. Some will move independently (usually Bosses) whilst some will group with other monsters and follow them wherever they go (these groups are commonly known as mobs). This means you have to be aware when your team catches their attention (signalled by an exclamation point above the monsters head) as there could be more coming your way than just one monster.


Pulling a monster or mob simply means catching their attention (or aggro) and pulling them to a suitable spot to attack them. This could be used to pull monsters away from static structures such as Cannon Turrets, or to pull normal mobs away from a Boss which you want to defeat seperately (or not at all!)

Death Edit

How Death affects your characters in Sword of the New World depends on what is killing you: Monsters or other Players.

Autorez Edit

Up to level 50, your characters will autorez. After level 50, you will need to be resurrected by a surviving character or someone in your squad. There is no penalty for dying unless you are killed by a baron, or killed while in baron mode.

Death and barons Edit

If killed by a baron, you will lose xp. If killed while you are in baron mode, you will lose xp and possibly some of your inventory.

Quarters Edit

If your characters are killed and you do not want to rez them, you can instead return to your quarters (barracks) and zone back into town.

Dueling and Colony Wars Edit

If killed during a duel or against a warring faction, you do not suffer xp loss or lose items.

Miscellaneous Edit

Events Edit

Work in progress.

Bugs Edit

1-hit KO / HP glitch Edit

A bug where the HP bar does not properly update - so your HP bar will look full even though you have taken significant damage. Your healer will stop healing, and this results in what appears to be a "1-hit KO." This glitch seems to occur when AFK for a long time and does not seem to occur as often during active playing.

  • By buffing or switching stances, it will unglitch the bar - at least temporarily
  • One way around this bug is to AFK so that natural HP regeneration is greater than damage taken. While you are healing naturally, sometimes the HP bar will unglitch and suddenly drop a little (as if you had taken damage) and then heal back up fully.

Red boxes / Sky of Fail Edit

Occasionally, the graphics may not load properly and you will get red "error" placeholders. DON'T PANIC!!!!!!! Usually rezoning or restarting the game will correct the problem.

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