PvE in Sword of the New World is essentially composed of Leveling, Farming, and, for most fun, Raid Bosses.

Leveling Edit

Essential side of any MMORPG. It's the simple fact that you want your characters to be stronger that you desire to level. This is done by killing Monsters and completing Quests.

Farming Edit

Once you have reached a sufficient level, you will want to try and get better gears to be able to compete against stronger bosses, or head for a PvP gameplay.

Raid Bosses Edit

Raid Bosses are very strong monsters that usually requires more than one family to kill them. They drop a lot of expensive items, but their spawn time is very slow compared to usual dungeon bosses.

For more information see Raid Bosses.

Special Events Edit

Poison Yard: Although this event is a mix of both, it has a great PvE side consisting of killing strong bosses (Recommend Veteran+).

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