Pioneer's EquipmentEdit


Haven't met any "Pionners" since I started this gig...

The powerful equipment known as Ancestral Items or Pioneer's Equipment can be received from a Pioneer Support Soldier in return for Polishers. This equipment cannot be traded to other players, and the amount of Polishers required for a single piece of equipment increases with each trade. As an example, a level 20 Polearm007 Novice's Ancestral Polearm requires 4 Polishers the first time, 8 the second time, etc. This can make acquiring suits of armor for all of your characters, or outfitting dual-wielders, somewhat expensive. It also makes upgrading your Pioneer's equipment a bit riskier.

The initial amount of Polishers needed for all weapons of all levels is 4. The initial amount needed for armor is 6. The type of Polish required depends on the level of equipment you want.

Enhancing Edit

Pioneer's Equipment can be both Upgraded and Enchanted. Upgrading works just like any other piece of equipment, but Enchanting functions differently. Every piece of Pioneer's Equipment has a set list of Enchantments that will appear with a single application of an Enchantment Chip. Each enchantment on the list will be applied - the only variance will be their strength (i.e. ATK Up +20% to +30%).

  • EnchantBoost Enchant Boosters do not work on Pioneer's Equipment. Enchanting will always succeed.

Enchanting Lower Level Equipment Edit

Since there are no Enchantment Chips below level 32, level 1 and level 20 Pioneer's Equipment can be enchanted without Chips. This is accomplished by dragging and dropping the item on the Equipment Box next to the Pioneers Support Soldier (make sure only your Inventory window is open, or it will not allow you to place the item). After agreeing to the process, the newly enchanted item will be dropped on the ground.

  • Enchanting via this method will wipe out all Upgrades, so be careful.
  • Equipment dropped on the ground counts as Group Loot, letting others in the group borrow (or steal) them.
  • Re-enchanting is possible, allowing you to constantly try for better enchants.

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