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This is the series of quests to obtain your own Poppet. More later (like explanations of what a Poppet is...). Note that the quests are repeatable, allowing for more than one Pet, even of the same type.

Quests Level Location
Quest Meeting the Pet Keeper  ?? Gigante Beach
Quest Obtain Egg  ?? Fire Isle
Quest Hatch the Egg in the Hatchery  ?? Gigante Beach

Feeding Edit

Pets can follow you for however long you wish, but they will only perform their special function if they have Energy. This is where feeding comes in. Boxes of Box04 Pet Food can be bought from the Feso Exchange in quantities of 1, 10, 90, or 160. Each box you feed your pet will increase their energy by 5%, which is equivalent to one hour of operation.

The pet food will be found under your Items: Misc inventory tab. To feed your pet, bring up the Pet Info window and click on "Feed". Don't worry about over-feeding and wasting pet food - if your pet has over 95% Energy, you will not be allowed to feed it further.

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