K2 Networks attempted to celebrate their One Year Anniversary of running Sword of the New World on July 10th, 2008. Unfortunately, due to a record number of logins, they were afraid running events would kill the servers for the day, and instead decided to give all players that were logged in on the 10th a special gift. On July 14th, those players received 1x LeBlanc Le Blanc Costume and 10x Box01 Karjalain Boxes.

In addition, mobs began to drop supplies which could be given to collectors for the following prizes (until July 31st):

  • Pouch01 Orpesian Pouch - 20% xp buff for 10 min (30 supplies)
  • Lucky Orpesian Hat (20 supplies)
  • "Ferrucio Espada" costume - Male Fighter costume (40 supplies + 20 mysterious powders)
  • "Gilbert Granado" costume - Male Scout costume (40 supplies + 20 mysterious powders)

Note: the costumes were traditional Korean clothing and the "rat hat" was to celebrate the lunar New Year - the Year of the Rat (2008), thereby explaining the odd incongruity in the nature of the prizes.

A one year anniversary contest with prizes for the best submissions of game replays began on July 1st. Prizes consist of Gold Costumes and 10 Ring Boxes.

The replay submission categories:

  • Humor in the New World
  • Action in the New World
  • Potpourri of the New World

Also, new items were added to the cash shop, as well as discounted sale prices until Aug. 20.

External Links Edit

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  • SotNW Forums - Explanation of One Year Anniversary afterwards, and what the future will bring
  • SotNW Forums - One Year Anniversary replay contests

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