Quest Giver Pet Keeper
Min. Level  ??
Requires Quest Meeting the Pet Keeper
Rewards ---

Step 1: 'Egg with moss' Edit

The Pet Keeper has asked you to bring him an Egg Egg With Moss, found in a Hidden Mushroom Cave on the Fire Isles.

On the very first island, you will see a tall rock on your left-hand side, soon after leaving the beach. Click the rock and choose to enter the Hidden Mushroom Cave behind it. Inside, you will only find three Poppets running around.

After attacking them (because you'll try anyways), three more Poppets, one Moppet, one Pet Guardian, and a Pet Guardian's Egg will spawn on the left side of the cave. Kill the Pet Guardian before attempting to click the egg. You can kill the other monsters first, but go for the egg as soon as the Pet Guardian says "Kaw~~".

Return the egg to the Pet Keeper.

Step 2: Defeat the monsters to protect the Egg Edit

After handing the egg off to the Pet Keeper, monsters will show up to take him down. You will enter a fight with a couple of Poppets and a Pet Guardian, with the Pet Keeper randomly attacking one of the enemies. Kill them to save the Pet Keeper and proceed to the next quest, Quest Hatch the Egg in the Hatchery.

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