Nocturnal Sonata is the next major expansion for Sword of the New World, following Manifest Destiny. The release date for this expansion is currently scheduled for June 25th, 2008.

Neume, Associate Producer for K2 Networks, has stated that Expansions 2.5, 2.6 and 2.7 for the Korean version of Granado Espada will be compiled into Nocturnal Sonata.

Planned Content Edit

  • Beta Hotkey Program, allowing players to change their hotkey bindings.
  • Le Noir armor
  • Caebolan (to be included later)
  • Four new UPCs:
  • Two new Stances:
    • Mighty Cruz - Polearm stance (requires Bazaar items)
    • Sight Shot - Pistol stance (requires Bazaar items)
    • All new stances will be in-game before August 20th
  • Changing Cash Shop/Premium Item Shop to "Bazaar"
    • Bazaar Sale planned for "this summer"
    • Gold Sales expected to happen monthly
  • Costumes
    • Soso's costume will be included on June 25th update
    • Vincent Rio's costume will be included, but only attainable through special events (getting Vincent Rio to Veteran level by a specific date, estimated to be July 31st - could be extended)
    • Baek Ho's costume will be included and only attainable via the same method as Vincent Rio's
    • School Costumes will be removed during Nocturnal Sonata, around August
  • Faction Wars/Colony Wars
    • Faction Wars are slated for updating in September
    • ATK Rating/DEF Rating Differences will affect combat, and is slated for June 25th

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