Multi-Character Control is a system unique to Sword of the New World. It allows to control three characters simultaneously using conventional mouse and keyboards.

Controlling Characters Edit

Each character in your current family has a set of shortcut specific to them. Based on a QWERTY keyboard:

Character 1: QWERTYUI
Character 2: ASDFGHJK
Character 3: ZXCVBNM,

If you look on your keyboard, you can notice it's each row of letters.

Orange text is for skill usage.
Blue text is for item usage.

There are also a few more Shortcuts to know, but these are the basic ones for controlling your characters. If you ever played an RTS game (Real-Time Strategy game), you will notice the way of controlling your characters is very similar to those game, except for the fact that you have less to control and more power over them (Skill Usage, Items Usage, Equipment, Level...).

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