Medicine serves multiple functions, from simple potions of healing, to reagents for skills, to crafting materials.

List of Medicines Edit

Common Use Cost
Potion Health001 Healing Potion Restores 180 HP 30 Vis
Potion Health002 Healing Potion Restores 750 HP 150 Vis
Potion Health003 Healing Liquor Restores 1,200 HP 300 Vis
Potion Health004 Health-filler Restores 2,500 HP 1,000 Vis
Potion Soul001 Soul Potion Restores 100 SP 120 Vis
Potion Soul002 Soul Liquor Restores 300 SP 360 Vis
Potion Soul003 Soul-filler Restores 600 SP 800 Vis
Potion Antidote Antidote  ???
Potion Analeptic Remedy Analeptic Remedy Accelerando (Rank 5)
Potion Mithridart Mithridart Insistendo (Rank 5)
Potion Nutrition Nutrition Meditativo (Rank 5)
Potion Painkiller Painkiller Forte (Rank 5)
Potion Painkiller Invisible Potion Invisible Stalker (Rank 1)

Bazaar Use Cost
Potion HealthRegen Health Regen Potion Restores 7,500 HP
over 15 seconds
Potion SoulRegen Soul Regen Potion Restores 1,500 SP
over 15 seconds
Potion Filler001 Offensive Fillers ATK Rating +1
Potion Filler002 Defensive Fillers DEF Rating +1
Potion Filler001 Triumph Filler ATK/DEF Rating +1
Potion AMBoost AM's Boost  ???
Potion Boost Boost Potion  ???
Potion Hermes Hermes Potion  ???
Potion ProgVitamin Progressive Vitamin Meditativo (Rank 11)

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