Master Room
Basic Info
Type: Building
Part of: All Major Cities
Yellowmapicon Reboldeaux

Yellowmapicon Port of Coimbra

Yellowmapicon City of Auch

A Master Room can be found in all major cities. Inside, you will find a 'Master' for all five Character classes. Each Master provides the same services, but are specific to each class (UPCs are designated to the class which they most closely resemble).

Master ServicesEdit

Each Master offers:

  • Basic Skill Book Purchase
  • Character Promotion
  • Veteran Skill Book Purchase
  • Restore Ability Points

Skill BooksEdit

Characters can learn new stances by purchasing skill books and learning from them. There are sometimes requirements to learn a stance, such as using a specific piece of equipment, reaching a certain level or having another stance at a specific level. Lists of the skill books available and the requirements they have can be found on each of the Master's pages.

Character PromotionEdit

When a character reaches level 100 or above, you may buy a Promotion Scroll, which changes their status to Veteran. There are many advantages to reaching Veteran status, such as being able to advance your character's attributes, using new weapons or armour, and having more stances available to learn.

Veteran Skill Book PurchaseEdit

Characters can purchase certain Veteran stances in exchange for certain rare items.

Restore Ability PointsEdit

By using Memoirs, characters may restore one of their ability points previously spent.


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