Quest Series: Baek Ho
Quest Fight with Baek Ho
Quest Martial artist of the East
Quest Question about Fritz 1
Quest Question about Fritz 2
Quest Question about Fritz 3
Quest Question about Fritz 4
Quest Combat against Baek Ho
City of Auch
Level: ???
Type: UPC Quest
Found: Baek Ho (NPC)
Require: Quest Fight with Baek Ho
Reward: None

Summary Edit

  1. Speak with Baek Ho, found in City of Auch.

Dialogue Edit

Baek Ho: You buffoons are clueless about His Majesty, Montoro. And you shall be sent off to pay your dues!

>Granado Espada already has her own Majesty, the Queen!

Baek Ho: Whoa! You fools just don't get it, do you? I've heard from Fritz, the nobleman from Vespanola, with my own ears!

>Fritz?!? No way!

Baek Ho: Hah! You talk too much...time for you to go now!

Baek Ho: Bah! Here come the Bristian failures again... I've heard people talking trash on His Majesty, Montoro, but they too are misguided bumblers, like yourselves. Ask Fritz if you want to know the truth.

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