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Listed on this page are all the quests required to get a certain UPC's Card01 Character Card.


Andre JanzurEdit

Quest(s) Level Location
Quest Shattered Dreams and Fantazzies 1 Reboldeaux
Quest The Secret Behind the Holy Water 17
Quest Andre Janzur's Gone Crazy 28
Quest Sympathy for Dios Lantem 28
Quest Andre in Despair 28

Angie ShirleyEdit

To complete Angie's Quests you will need the following Premium Items:

Quest(s) Level Location
Quest Collect Stonepit Work Tools 1 Queen's Gate
Quest Training Construction Skills
Quest Break Delivery Rock
Quest Breaking Delivery Stone
Quest Stonepit Tent
Quest Pocket Picked Angie

Brunie EtienneEdit

Quest(s) Level Location
Quest Brunie Etienne's Errand 32 Reboldeaux
Quest Horn of the Gold-Horned Gargoyle

Claude BaudezEdit

Quest(s) Level Location
Quest Gathering Weapon Materials 10 Reboldeaux
Quest Sworn Guardian of Reboldeaux 10
Quest Claude Baudez Training 17
Quest The Renowned Sword! Silver Baron 35

Idge ImbruliaEdit

Quest(s) Level Location
Quest An Old Armour 6 Reboldeaux
Quest Fanatic Mail 17
Quest The Lost Drawing 30
Quest Idge's Series 35
Quest Idge's Breast Plate 38

Jack the EngineerEdit

Quest(s) Level Location
Quest Request From Jack 1 Reboldeaux Stonepit
Quest Recovery Work on the Stonepit 4

Najib SharifEdit

Quest(s) Level Location
Quest The Opolutan Tea Box 1 Reboldeaux
Quest What a Foreign Merchant Wants 12
Quest Firearms Merchant's Hobby 36
Quest Barken Rifle 41

Panfilo de NarvaezEdit

Quest(s) Level Location
Quest Lunch Delivery 1 Reboldeaux
Quest Al Quelt Moreza's Holy Water 12
Quest Pure White Food 20


Quest(s) Level Location
Quest A Girl in Danger 7 Queen's Gate
Quest Competing with Ramiro 8

Reboldeaux SoldierEdit

Quest(s) Level Location
Quest Basic Combat Education 1 Reboldeaux Office of Pioneering Support

Yeganeh the CarpenterEdit

Quest(s) Level Location
Quest Advertising for Yeganeh the Carpenter 17 Reboldeaux
Quest Revenge on Yeganeh 20 Port of Coimbra
Quest Construction Equipment 25 Reboldeaux
Quest Securing Areas for the Construction 25
Quest Construction Certificate 28
Quest Construction Certificate - Nunez's Mistake

Port of CoimbraEdit

Adelina EsperanzaEdit

Quest(s) Level Location
Quest Adelina's Grim Task 36 Port of Coimbra


Quest(s) Level Location
Quest Escudo Pecher's Attack 24 Port of Coimbra
Quest Escudo Pecher Hunt 40

Emilia GianninoEdit

Quest(s) Level Location
Quest Dr Lorenzo Giannino and his Diary 25 Port of Coimbra
Quest It Leaves Inside the Hand 25

Grace BernelliEdit

Quest(s) Level Location
Quest Bernelli's Challenge 30 Port of Coimbra
Quest The Suspicion of the Tetra Ruins
Quest The Sorceress Cherlyn


Quest(s) Level Location
Quest Hungry Hungry Gracielo! 1 Port of Coimbra
Quest Gracielo's Mission 25

The Following quests are completed once you have obtained Gracielo, and set him as your party's leader. Completion of these quests will reward you with his special stance, MartialElements Wind Martial Elements: Wind.


To Complete Irawain's quests, you will need:

Quest(s) Level Location
Quest Defeat all the Gangsters 1 Port of Coimbra
Quest Gracielo's Counterattack
Quest Meet With Fritz

Jose CortasarEdit

Quest(s) Level Location
Quest Pasiar's Cannon Ball 40 Port of Coimbra

Lisa LynwayEdit

Quest(s) Level Location
Quest Angel Fruit 24 Port of Coimbra
Quest Chocolate Girl
Quest A Robbed Storehouse


Quest(s) Level Location
Quest Taste of the Homeland 44 Port of Coimbra


Quest(s) Level Location
Quest Bison Horn 1 Port of Coimbra
Quest Gargoyle Wing 25

City of AuchEdit

Baek HoEdit

Required to complete: 50 Mysterious Powder Mysterious Powders

Quest(s) Level Location
Quest Fight with Baek Ho 1 City of Auch

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