Costume Class Gender Level
OriginalFighter M Original Fighter Jacket (Male) Fighter Male 1
OriginalFighter F Original Fighter Jacket (Female) Fighter Female 1
OriginalMusketeer M Original Musketeer Uniform (Male) Musketeer Male 1
OriginalMusketeer F Original Musketeer Uniform (Female) Musketeer Female 1
OriginalScout M Original Scout Suit (Male) Scout Male 1
OriginalScout F Original Scout Suit (Female) Scout Female 1
OriginalWizard M Original Wizard Coat (Male) Wizard Male 1
OriginalWizard F Original Wizard Coat (Female) Wizard Female 1
OriginalElemental M Original Elementalist Dress (Male) Elementalist Male 1
OriginalElemental F Original Elementalist Dress (Female) Elementalist Female 1
MutationFighter Costume for Mutation Fighter Fighter --- 1
MutationMusketeer Costume for Mutation Musketeer Musketeer --- 1
MutationScout Costume for Mutation Scout Scout --- 1
MutationWizard Costume for Mutation Wizard Wizard --- 1
MutationElemental Costume for Mutation Elementalist Elementalist --- 1
LeBlanc Le Blanc Costume --- --- 1
BearSuit Bear Suit --- --- 1
Croc Croc Costume --- --- 1

"Robe" Costumes Class Gender Level
Robe002 Robe of Fire Costume Elementalist --- 1
Robe003 Robe of Ice Costume Elementalist --- 1
Robe004 Robe of Wind Costume Elementalist --- 1
Robe012 Torsche's Dress Costume Elementalist Female 1

"Coat" Costumes Class Gender Level
Coat002 Long Coat Costume Musketeer/Wizard --- 1
Coat003 Redingote Costume Musketeer/Wizard --- 1
Coat004 Justocorps Costume Musketeer/Wizard --- 1
LyndonCoat Sir Lyndon's Coat Musketeer --- 1
Coat009 Maid Costume Wizard Female 1

"Leather" Costumes Class Gender Level
Leather002 Leather Armor Costume Fighter/Scout --- 1
Leather003 Studded-Leather Armor Costume Fighter/Scout --- 1
Leather011 Fanatic Costume Fighter --- 1
Leather004 Sunset Stripe Suit Costume Fighter --- 1
Leather010 Esianan Tattoo Costume Scout Male 1

"Metal" Costumes Class Gender Level
Metal001 Scale Armor Costume Fighter --- 1
Metal002 Field Plate Mail Costume Fighter --- 1
Metal003 Plate Mail Costume Fighter Male 1

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