Costume Class Gender Level
Leather005 Camisa de Soldado Costume Fighter --- Vet
Leather008 Gladiator's Armor Costume Fighter --- Vet
Leather012 Bone Frame Armor Costume Fighter --- Vet
Coat006 Striform Costume Musketeer --- Vet
Coat007 Corsair Rosso Costume Musketeer --- Vet
Coat010 Dragon Coat Costume Musketeer --- Vet
Leather006 Naranja e Preto Costume Scout --- Vet
Leather009 Capezzolo di Pericolo Costume Scout --- Vet
Leather007 Rescue Suit Costume Scout --- Vet
Coat005 Albaes Costume Wizard --- Vet
Coat008 Clara Mago Costume Wizard --- Vet
Robe005 Robe of Pluto Costume Elementalist --- Vet
Robe006 Robe of Neptune Costume Elementalist --- Vet
Robe007 Robe of Uranus Costume Elementalist --- Vet
Robe008 The Pure White Robe Costume Elementalist --- Vet
Robe009 Alegrias Costume Elementalist --- Vet
Robe010 The Elementalist Costume Elementalist --- Vet
Robe011 Rosa Matrimonio Costume Elementalist --- Vet

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