Standard Edit

Level Name ATK ATK Rating
24 Pistol001 Handgun 72  ??
28 Pistol001 Short Musket 79  ??
32 Pistol001 Snaphance 86 8
36 Pistol002 Wheel-lock Pistol 93


40 Golden Maiden 100 10
44 Chassepot 108 11

Unique Edit

Level Name ATK ATK Rating
32 Pistol002 Plum Shooter 100 10

Crafted Edit

Level Name ATK ATK Rating
24 Pistol001 Handgun de Artirero 79 7
24 Pistol001 Handgun de Hitter 79 7

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InstrumentsRodsStavesSpecial Bracelets
Bracelets of FireBracelets of IceBracelets of Lightning

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