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This is a list of NPC quests by level required to begin. These quests do not fall under the UPC Quest category, because they do not count towards gaining an NPC's Card01 Character Card. They are also not required to complete the Pioneering Quests.

Quest Location NPC
Level 1
Quest Fight an Opponent Reboldeaux Menedez
Level 6
Quest A City Under Threat Reboldeaux Domingo
Level 17
Quest The Source of the Taint Reboldeaux Domingo
Level 22
Quest Yellow Ferrucio Key Port of Coimbra Alex, the Locksmith
Level 29
Quest The Secret Dock Port of Coimbra Carlos
Level 31
Quest The Secret Export of Iron Ore Port of Coimbra Carlos
Quest Nimraldi Bridge's Defensive Battle Port of Coimbra Nunez
Quest The Tetra Ruins: Silkhat Huganoids Port of Coimbra Nunez
Level 32
Quest Stone Worship Port of Coimbra Carlos

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